Everyone has that tiny voice in their head that tells them that they can’t do things.

Well the next time you are trying to do something and some tiny devil is telling you that you can’t do it. You scream, ‘SHUT THE FUCK UP!’. blog 2

Let me tell you why.

No voice or anyone in this God-given world can tell you what you are good at or not good at. You have a right to do anything you want even if you suck at it.

If you want to sing….well just go ahead and sing (even though you sound like a frog when you open your mouth.)

If you want to dance……even though you don’t even have a flexible bone in you’re body…..fuck everyone….go ahead and shake that booty! blog 3

If you want to wear something……even though you think people may laugh at you for doing so……….well guess what……….FUCK THEM! Dude you go and wear that thing the way black people wear their booty! All sexy and HOT!

You just go ahead and be who you are. Because you are on this planet for yourself…..not for those bitches in your class you call ‘FRIENDS’.

Friends will not stop from exposing the real you….they embrace your true self.

And if people are going to stop you from doing what you want to do…..you know what…….you tell them to mind their own damn business and stop trying to get in your face. Or better yet just show them the ‘finger’ and walk away!.jla

Trust me I know that there are a lot people out there who want to do something but are scared of what people might think and say……I mean I have also felt this way…..but I realized that I want to do everything for myself and not for some guy named Chad!

So tomorrow morning when you get up and look in the mirror, you tell yourself that you are freaking awesome and that nobody can stop you from doing what you want.


Anyways! Be who you really are! And until next time!



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