You’ll Just Know!

Ok! So sometime back I wrote a post about how my best friend had a thing for me! And now here we are again few months later talking about the same thing.

But the only difference is that I think I may have a thing for him as well. I think this feeling that I am feeling is completely temporary, well because I don’t actually believe in this whole concept of love and ish ok. This concept of love is completely over-rated and I feel that most people are actually in love with the concept of love and don’t really know what ove actually is.

And neither does this guy! I mean if you actually love someone, I don’t think you will go after some other chicks! I mean I am completely fine with it only because I think that this ‘feelings’ thing is temporary with him as well. But in general, guys and even girls for that matter tell their ‘person’ that they love them and want to be with them but then run after other people.

I mean if you actually love or have feelings for someone, I don’t think you’re going to actually want to run after other people right?

Maybe I actually don’tunderstand this whole thing and I need to be EDUCATED about it. But does anyone really know about it? Do they? Do they really?

In movies, when characters are asked ‘how do you that you are in love?’ They reply, ‘You’ll just know’. What in God’s name does this even mean?????


Obviously I know when I’m hungry! Because my stomach makes funny noises!!!

Will my heart make funny noises when I’m in love!??! Will it!?!!? Will it really?!

You’ll just know!!

It’s the most bizzare thing ever to hear!!

If you know how it feels when you are in love. Then please go ahead and comment! because I actually want to know.


One thought on “You’ll Just Know!

  1. Great questions…

    Think a lot of people confuse love with lust.
    How many would love their partners without the physical side of it.

    We can love our family n friends n pets.
    And do anything for them.

    The ..youll just know.. part may be if you want to start a family with them.

    Love is an easy word to throw around…
    For me it would be all the feelings you have for your family n friends and the desire to commit to that person for the rest of your life.

    And thats a long way from just sleeping with someone for pleasure.

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