Winter’s COMING!!!

I think Winter and Autumn is are like two of the most loved seasons through out the world! I mean for all the skinny lads and laddies, summer might be your time to shine. But Winter and Autumn, well that’s the time for us slightly round people to enjoy!

Winter and Autumn is that time of the year where you get where those sweaters and boots and uggs, that we have been dying to where the whole year!! Where I come from, we don’t really have autumn. It’s just summer, winter and that little time in between when it’s just fine outside! It doesn’t snow where I come from and that pisses me off like hell. It’s one thing I would die to see and feel.

There is something about the winter that makes everything feel right! The cool wind blowing agains your skin, the fog that fills the air in the morning. The winter brings everyone together and then we have christmas where all the girls where these short dresses and then cling on to their fathers, brothers and boyfriends for heat ( you know, since they wear a suit). Winter brings all the good memories to mind. Ihave had some really good times during the winter. The months of December and January, have some sort of magic that fills the whole earth , leaving everyone happy, with it’s presence.

I don’t believe anyone could ever hate winter. I mean it’s a happy month. Not only because of Christmas and New year!

Autumn is a season I really want to experience. I would really like to walk through Central Park, when the leaves turn into the lovely colours of brown, red and orange. Imagine walking through the park with your loved one, with a pumpkin spiced latte in hand. Just admiring everything about the place. The atmosphere: cold, wet with rain.

I think the best winter memory I have is my birthday! We went back home for christmas. And my birthday is around that time. I was turning 12! And we had this big family gathering where everyone I love and cherish was present. It was amazing. The weather was so cool, everyone was drunk and singing their asses of. Nothing great happened on the day but there was something magical about the whole. I felt as though we were in a snowglobe and nothing could destroy what was happening that night. With everyone bonding over whisky and hot cocoa, nothing could take away the magic the winter brought.

Comment your fondest winter memory below.

Untill next time, CHEERS!




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