Have you ever felt that whenever you are trying to get your life together or feeling good about whatever is happening around you, that LIFE throws big rocks and boulders at you?!!?

Cause let me tell you something. I have! I do! Infact, I’m feeling that way right now!

It’s like everytime you’re ok with whatever is going on in you life or happy or content with what you are doing, that is the only time life knows how to hit you with lightning. I mean I get it, that’s what life does!

But it’s disturbing since you have to start again from the beginning! You have to go through the process of building up your self-confidence again. Again that is difficult to do time and again. Imagine! Everytime you are happy with something! BOOM! Something goes wrong!

These ‘disturbances’ might be happening because we are doing something we are not supposed to or God doesn’t have this plan in his big PLAN for us (spiritually speaking). But can’t God or Karma or whatever you want to call it be nice and tell us to stop whatever it is we are doing or whatever. Because truthfully speaking I am sick and tired of starting again from the beginning. I am tired of crying and thinking about what I am going to do next.

(Again Spiritually speaking) Some people may say that God is trying to pull you closer to him. But what if with everything happening we are just going further away from the light. I mean isn’t this how people go into depression and stuff. I mean if everything is going to go good in your life, that means you will be happy. And if you are happy, your mind will be positive.

Or you know it could be that I am just not happy in what I am doing. And I actually need to change what I am doing. Maybe that’s why things get in our way. Maybe thats why we are made to start again. So that we find what we are really looking for.

Don’t you think so?

If you have anything to say, please do comment!

Good Day everybody! Cheers!



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