Pick a song. Any song. Any song that reminds you of the perfect day. The day when everything seemed right. The day when everything you worry about did not bother you. Be it for an hour, a minute even for second. How do you feel? Do you feel free? Happy? Light??

This is the one thing I love about music, it can change the way you feel about anything and everything.

I hope you guys know what I am talking. Music is literally everyone’s go to therapy. Maybe when the whole world realizes that music can cure anything and everything, psychiatrists will actually lose their jobs! (Not that I have anything against psychiatrists)

If you are really bad mood, irritated, maybe listening to some classic EDM or some old school rock like Queen… can actually help you calm your nerves.

Even the most horrible day in the world can be cured with some really good music.

If you have ever watched the sitcom One Tree Hill, there is a character ‘Peyton Sawyer’ played by Hilarie Burton who says that she remembers the first day she ever listened to a song. She says that she remembers the way the air smelled, the way she felt when she listened to the song.

This is exactly what I love about music. It makes you feel something that no other person or thing can make you feel in this world. It takes you back to a time when everything felt right.

If you agree with me, comment some of the best memories you have vad with music.

Until next time, Cheers!


One thought on “Music: Food to the Soul

  1. I love that you brought this up, music for me is incredibly therapeutic and even when it can’t change my mood, it still helps. I love to chill out to jazz, hip-hop and rock music, but then if I’m in a stupidly good mood or feeling angry rock, metal and video game music helps for sure.

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