Have you ever eaten anything that gives you goosebumps, or leaves with a lingering taste in your mouth even 2-3 hours after you have eaten it or makes you feel like you have just tasted a little bit of heaven?

Well, I’m guessing we all have at least eaten something that has made our eyes go all dilated or made our hearts skip a beat.food

Well I have eaten a lot of food my whole life and I mean A LOT! Just by looking at me, you could say that I definitely come from the potato family! And gosh do I love potatoes!!!

If I got paid every time I ate something, dude I’d be freaking rich!!

But I don’t only eat! I cook and bake as well. I absolutely love the kitchen. It’s like my favorite place in the world. Well that and beaches!

So, I thought that I could start blogging about everything I make and bake! Ranging from cakes to biscuits to main courses to anything that is edible actually!

I absolutely love food, and I hope through my writing, you guys will be tempted to try out the dishes or at least dream about eating them. Because that is what I do…..seriously….I’m not kidding!

Once at work, this woman bought gluten free brownies and they were freaking awesome. I mean they literally melted in my mouth. It’s like I had taken a piece of acid paper and it just sat on my tongue melting away!!! It was so good that I went to sleep thinking about it and I even dreamed about eating that piece of heaven in my dream!! And to make me feel even better, I woke up thinking about that damn piece of cake!!

The things food can do to you is better that any drug or alcohol can!! But if mix the two together, well you are in for a treat! You will feel like your on a roller coaster that only goes up!! Up to another universe! It makes you feel like you are going through time!!

Man! Do I love food!! So let me tell you what I like the best…

Favorite Food: PIZZA

Image result for pizza stuffed crust

I mean who does not love pizza! That cheese! That stuffed crust! That barbecue sauce!! Damn!! I want me some pizza right now!!!! Pepperoni. Salami. Chicken. Mushrooms. Olives. Peppers. Paprika. I think I’m going run on down to Pizza Hut right now!!


Favorite Cuisine: ITALIANImage result for pasta carbonara

Damn! I just love Italian food! I used to love Chinese Food but now I am just mad about Italian Food!! That Pasta!! I could have it everyday and still not be tired of it!! Spaghetti Carbonara is my favorite! That creamy Parmesan Cheese! Bacon!! Man I love bacon!! I mean who doesn’t!!



Favorite Dessert:  TIRAMISUImage result for classic italian tiramisu recipe

I love Tiramisu! I mean that shouldn’t really be a surprise because I mean I really love coffee! I have made it a couple of times and trust me that creamy mascarpone filling is to die for!!! Just before tiramisu, just smoke a little pot!! You’ll definitely reach heaven! I guarantee you that!!

So that’s it for now. Until next time!


Tkay Maidza bye bye bye boy bye tkay


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