Lying! Everyone does it! I know this is true! Nobody, especially in this life time can say that they have never lied in their life! Be it for some good cause or whatever, lying is lying!

Do you remember the first lie you were ever told you friends or parents or whoever? If yes, do you remember what it is you lied about? Was it worth lying? Or did it lead to consequences?

I’m sure most people don’t actually remember their first lie! But I do because it was an unforgettable experience for me!

So this all happened when I was 6 years old. I was in the first grade. All cute and bubbly, chit chatty and loud and most importantly chubby!

I had just moved to a new school and it was maybe just the 6th or 7th week I’m guessing. And we had these tests going on in class. During these tests, our teachers used to tell us to keep our bags at the back of the class. So all of our bags we were kept behind.

In the middle of the test, I get up from my seat and tell the teacher that I want to get my bottle of water. She says I  can go get it.

As I’m going through my bag to find my bottle, I see this girl’s bag and it has a packet of chips in it. As we all know, as kids, parent tried to control our junk food intake!

So when I caught sight of that packets of chips, I was jealous, that this girl was going to get to chips during her break and I had to eat a damn sandwich!

So do you know what I did! Do you!!?? Do you!!

(Don’t judge my next move! I think we all have done this at least. Especially when we knew we were not going to get it.)JLRReyes food couple dinner date

I took that poor girl’s packet of chips. I took it and slowly kept it in my bag. I then took my bottle and went back to my seat.

But you see, I was only 6! I didn’t think of the consequences of this act. I just took the packet without even thinking clearly!

So break time arrives! And this girl realizes that her packet of chips is missing!

Do you what I was doing at that time! I was eating the chips with my partner! Enjoying that salty goodness! Not even giving a damn that a girl from our class is crying that her snacks are missing!

So she goes to the teacher to tell her that her packet of chips is gone! But I make it a point to finish the chips before the girl says anything to the teacher! ( So I was actually smart! Huh?! Who knew!?)

She tells the teacher and then the teacher starts asking every student in the class who took this girl’s chips! Everyone is said that they didn’t! Finally, the teacher comes up to me and asks me if I took her chips! And I said no!

The teacher started walking away, so I thought that I was saved. But then BOOOM!! She looked in my desk and found the empty chips packet! And I was caught!! She starts yelling me and telling that it was wrong that I took this girl’s chips and that she was going to tell my mother! (I didn’t actually believe that she would! BIG MISTAKE!)

So I thought that was the end of this embarrassing day! But it wasn’t! It was just the beginning!!

So I go home! And it didn’t strike me that my mom would be at home!  So I go home and my Mom opens the door! And my hearts starts beating! I thought it was going to jump out of my body!!

So mom starts asking all these questions about what I ate in school! I answered normally and told her that I ate the sandwich she gave me! And then she asks me, ‘What about those chips?’ lie abraham simpson false the simpsons liar

I looked at her blankly! Trying to show her that I don’t  know what she is talking about! But I couldn’t! Because the moment I said I didn’t eat any chips, a big stick came poking from behind her back!

And I knew that I was doomed! I damned those chips like anything!


Mom really beat the crap out of me that day!

It was horrible! But that was actually how I learned how to lie better! And I am 20 now! So that’s like more than 10 years of practice! I am literally an expert now!


I can lie my way through anything!! If needed!!


If you remember your first lie or ever stolen anything and not gotten way with…Comment down below! And remember to my like my posts….if you like what I have written!!

Take Care!


-The Messed Up Human

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