When the new year dawns upon us, people start getting into fits and start telling the world what they are going to change about themselves. From 31st December till yesterday night I have seen at least a 100 posts of people posting pictures and stuff telling people what they are going to do for this brand new year.

Well let me tell you something, if you really want something really good to come out of this year, keep all your goals to yourself.

Human Beings are literally the worst kind of species on this planet. I have no idea who you can trust in this entire world. And I say this with experience.

Have you ever noticed that when you tell someone your plans about something good for yourself, they never turn out the way you planned? Well this has happened to me a million times and when I finally noticed what was happening, I decided that the next time something good happens to me, I am not going to tell anyone. Instead I am going to work hard on it, so that it can happen. kama

The thing is, when people come to know that you are going to do something useful or something good for yourself, they get jealous and try to change your mind about doing it. Humans are devious little creatures that like to destroy every good thing that comes in the way of others. They think by throwing other people down, they will somehow reach to the top. That is not how it works. If you should know, Karma is a Bitch! and a very big one if I should say.

So whatever you do to others, will come back to you, even if you have an excuse like, ‘I didn’t mean to’ or ‘I didn’t know it would turn out this way’, you will suffer.

So take a resolution this year, not to tell anyone your plans. Keep them to yourself. It’s for the better.

People have spoken about how horrible 2016 was. So let’s not dwell in the past and try to make the best out of 2017. This is your year to shine. This is the year that will bring you peace, joy, and a whole lot of happiness.



-The Messed Up Human



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