I do not know how to categorize the music I have been listening to lately. It’s literally all over the place, hip-hop, indie, EDM etc. Maybe it’s just like my feelings that is also all over the place.

1. I Got You- Bebe Rexha i-got-you

2. End Credits- EDEN ft. Leah Kelly end-credits

3. Caroline- Animecaroline

4. Seventeen- Alessia Cara

5. Million Reasons- Lady Gaga


6. Missing- Sunset Child ft. Biancamissing

7. I Feel It Coming- The Weekndweeknd

8. Alone- Alan Walkeralone

9. Wolf- Skottwolf

10. Make Me(Cry)- Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinthnoah-cyrus

11. Million Reasons- Lady Gaga


12. This Is Why I Need You- Jesse Rubenthis-is-why-i-need-you

13. Bad and Boujee- Migosbad-nad-boujee

14. Starboy- The Weeknd


15. Something About You- Hayden Jameshayden-james

I am literally listening to these songs on repeat and couple more as well. But you guys should give these a listen.

There are certain channels on YouTube that you guys can check out if you are into this kind of music like: Mr Suicide Sheep, Trap Nation, Chill Nation, Majestic Casual and a whole lot more.

If you guys think I should be listening to any particular type of  music, comment down below and I will check it out.

Until next time fellow humans…



bye bye.gif


Based on what I write, do you guys think I just write more about music and stuff, or what I feel and go through….Like the ‘First time I lied’ piece etc..????

Do Comment


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