That Horrendous Day is Back Again!

Have you guys checked your calendars lately? I am pretty sure you have. Which means you know exactly know what round the corner! V-Day….or as the others call it Valentine’s Day.

As I scroll through my social media, everyone is just talking about how they going to be doing something with their significant other….or how the singles are going to be all alone just a large pizza and big bottle of Vodka….or Beer…or even a joint (I believe this is the best combination ever). vday

But there maybe some people who are just going to be moping around about the fact, that they have no one to spend this stupid day with…..well….this post is for you guys!

Don’t mop around about…….life isn’t about finding the right guy and spending a day it with them! There a million people out there who can make you happy……your parents….your siblings….you friends!!! Make use of what you have around you! God gave you these people so that you won’t feel alone or sad….when stupid day’s like this came about! And if this isn’t getting in your head, there are a few things you can do with your friends or your parents or even if it is by yourself….go ahead and enjoy!!

You and your friends….can have a bake fest! You can all meet and bake all kinds of things! Sugar is goooooood… me….I know! Watch all the funniest movies ever made! Like….Ride Along….or Rom-Coms like She’s the Man or Just Go With It or Pretty Woman…stuff like that! Better yet! Have a party! Smoke some weed….have a few too many drinks! Just have fun! (btw…don’t do this with your parents!) You can go the beach! Go for a hike! Watch the Sunset! Get started on things you been wanting to do since forever!


The up side of this V-DAY, is that it’s a TUESDAY! So actually you don’t have to worry about what you are going to have to do! Bury yourself in work..(although it doesn’t seem like a good idea… is exactly what I’ll be doing.) But please don’t go home and sit and cry about how you are never to end up with anyone! JUST DON’T HIT ROCK BOTTOM! That is the rule of V-DAY! DON’T HIT ROCK BOTTOM! Rock bottom isn’t fun!


So make use of whatever is around you……this life….your friends…..your parents…..these are the more important things in life….not some guy or girl….who might just end up leaving you in the future! smile.gif

I really don’t appreciate V-DAY! To me it’s just another day where couples get to show off their happy relationships…….for us singles….it’s just another day!

So treat it like any other day!

P.S If you are fan of memes, entertain yourself with memes. They are this generations greatest gift.

Anyways! That is all I have to say about V-DAY! So until next time….


-The Messed Up Human!cheers34.gif









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