Overloaded with emotions, she runs behind the man.

All she can think about, is how badly her fist wants to meet his face.

She wants him to feel pain. Pain that no one has ever felt before.


But right before she acts,

She hears this voice at the back of her mind.

Telling her. That it’s not worth it.

She tries to push it away.

She walks down the stairs. And right before seeing him, She hears it again.

She walks towards him.


And within a blink of an eye,

She asks him,”Was it all worth it?”

He replies back, “No”.

She walks away.

Thanking the stars.

Maybe it wasn’t his time to her fist.

Maybe a day will come when she will show the world who she really is.

The power she holds inside.

Blazing like a burning fire.


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